What is the Challenge?

What is the Challenge?

The Quit to Win! Challenge is a positive campaign that each year invites smokers who are ready to quit smoking to take action. By registering, participants commit to not smoke for 6 weeks, from March 1 to April 11 2015.

Participate in the Challenge in your own way: alone, with the help of a non-smoking sponsor or by teaming up with another smoker who also wants to quit.

Why 6 weeks? Because the act of quitting smoking completely, for an established period of time, constitutes a major element for longer-term tobacco cessation. Succeeding with the Challenge provides a solid foundation for the longer-term process of cessation.

Quitting smoking is far from easy, but with help and a good dose of motivation, it can be done! Participant can choose from the free support tools offered:

  • The Jean Coutu to the Rescue Support Kit
  • The online Participant’s file
  • The encouragement emails
  • The wealth of information offered at quitchallenge.ca
  • The Facebook online community
  • The SOS Challenge mobile application

You will also qualify to win one of many prizes!


A winning formula!

After 16 years of existence, the Quit to Win! Challenge remains relevant in a province where there is still 22% of the population smoking*, which represents over 1.5 million smokers. Among them, nearly 60% want to quit.

The various surveys carried out to measure the impact of the Quit to Win! Challenge show that on average, 2 out of 3 participants successfully meet the challenge of not smoking for six weeks, an extremely encouraging figure for participants!

* Statistique Canada (2011). Tableau CANSIM 105-0501. Profil d’indicateurs de la santé, estimations annuelles, selon le groupe d’âge et le sexe, Canada, provinces, territoires, régions sociosanitaires (limites de 2011) et groupes de régions homologues.

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Latest update: 30/11/2015