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Thousands of Quebecers commit to not smoking for at least six weeks, from March 1 to April 11, 2015. If each year,
2 out of 3 participants successfully take up the Challenge, just imagine the number of people who are making the move toward a smoke-free life.

Three ways to take up the Challenge


One person

A person can register alone.

With a teammate

two people

Two people sign up together, as participants, and provide each other with help and support.

With a sponsor


A person registers as a participant, choosing a non-smoking sponsor for support.

Why register to the Challenge?

  1. Because it works: 2 out of 3 participants succeed in not smoking for the 6 weeks of the Challenge… An excellent rate of success! 
  2. To obtain a wide range of free support tools, to get information and motivation during and after the Challenge.
  3. To get connected to the wider online community for quitting smoking in Quebec.
  4. For its flexible and customizable approach (quit date, registration formula and type of support), which helps increase one’s chances of success.
  5. To be eligible to win prizes.

And because the Challenge is the best ally for taking up the challenge of a lifetime!

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Latest update: 27/11/2015