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For the sixteenth consecutive year, the Ministry of Health and Social Services is pleased to be associated with the Quit to Win! Challenge and offer smokers positive and dynamic support to help them break their tobacco habit. These past 16 years have been marked by solidarity, perseverance and success! The Ministry recognizes the essential role of this mobilizing intervention in smoking cessation and in promoting the goals of the Plan québécois de lutte contre le tabagisme.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services invites smokers wishing to end their dependence on tobacco products to register in large numbers for the Quit to Win! Challenge and take advantage of an exceptional experience that will enable them to enjoy the beneficial effects of a smoke-free life.

Congratulations to all participants who take this step towards health!

Thanks to all the sponsors who offer participants their help and friendship.

Best of luck with the 2015 Quit to Win! Challenge!


Directions de santé publique

For an a 16th consecutive year, the Agences de la santé et des services sociaux of the Public Health Departments will join forces with the Quit to Win! Challenge in order to offer smokers an effective approach to quitting – positive and dynamic support that will allow them to free themselves from tobacco use.

The Public Health Departments recognize the essential role of this campaign directed at the Québec population and take advantage of the initiative to mobilize its partners from different networks in promoting the Challenge among various smoker bases. We are proud to be an associate of the Challenge, which year after year has been a great success!


Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society fights cancer by promoting a healthy lifestyle

Tobacco usage is a fundamental issue for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). The CCS is one of the leading figures in the fight against smoking by pushing for amendments with respect to tobacco control. It is also lobbies all levels of government to pass laws aimed at restricting the promotion of tobacco products and seeks to protect young people from the new products marketed by the tobacco industry. The CCS offers various programs and tools for tobacco cessation, such as the iQuitnow helpline and the SMAT, as well as support services and the publication of Info-tabac magazine. The CCS has been an unconditional supporter of the Challenge for many years now and hopes that the next 16 years will be just as successful.

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. For more information on cancer, visit our website or call our toll-free, bilingual Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333.


PJC Jean Coutu

The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. and the affiliated pharmacist-owners are proud to be associated with the Quit to Win! Challenge’s 16th edition. As part of this association, pharmacists within the PJC Jean Coutu network will distribute 15,000 help kits to smokers who wish to take up the Challenge.

With their wide availability, their knowledge and their competencies, pharmacists can guide you effectively in your tobacco cessation process. Along with providing you with valuable advice, they can inform you about the resources available in your area, on the Internet or elsewhere. But above all, your pharmacist can help you choose the smoking cessation method best suited to you 

The pharmacists within the PJC Jean Coutu network would like to encourage people to achieve their health goals. Quitting smoking requires a lot of will power, determination and support. It is in light of offering this support that the pharmacists affiliated with the PJC Jean Coutu network have been proud partners of the Quit to Win! Challenge for the past years.



Novartis Consumer Health Canada Inc. is proud to collaborate with Capsana on the Quit To Win! Challenge for the eighth consecutive year. Novartis Consumer Health Canada Inc. is a leading provider of smoking cessation products such as Habitrol® & Thrive®. The Quit To Win! Challenge provides free support and encouragement to participants of the Quit To Win! Challenge who are seeking to quit smoking. In addition, the Quit To Win! Challengeparticipants are also provided with nicotine replacement therapy products like Habitrol® transdermal nicotine patches and Thrive® lozenges and gum, which may qualify for reimbursement (in full or in part) by the Quebec government insurance plan and by some private insurance plans. These nicotine replacement therapy products help deliver small, steady doses of nicotine to the body, thereby enabling the Quit To Win! Challenge participants to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that are often experienced by people trying to quit smoking. In addition, Novartis Consumer Health Canada Inc. also provides a comprehensive program of support resources- such as interactive websites ( and which feature additional resources to help quitters better manage their cravings and improve their chances of success in quitting. The Quit To Win! Challenge is a motivating, positive campaign that for the past 16 years, has invited smokers who are ready to quit smoking, to take action.

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Latest update: 30/11/2015