Highlights of the 2013 Challenge

  • Nearly 22,000 participants took up the 2013 Challenge
  • Since 2000, more than 360,000 smokers have taken up the Challenge.
  • The vast majority (78%) of participants registered alone, whereas 14% registered with another smoker who also wants to quit, and 7% registered with a non-smoking sponsor.
  • The quitchallenge.ca website received more than 100,000 visits between January 8 and April 11.
  • The Facebook page as now 10,000 fans.
  • On average, nearly 2 participants out of 3 succeed in not smoking for the six weeks of the Challenge
  • After 14 years, the Quit to Win! Challenge is still popular and relevant in a province that is home to over 1,500,000 smokers (Quebec), of which almost 60% would like to stop smoking.
  • The Challenge is one of the smoking cessation campaigns that reaches the greatest number of adult smokers in Quebec.
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Latest update: 22/04/2014